Parent Advisory Council=Pretty Amazing Community

Where to begin? Let’s start at the beginning. In September, a new school opened its doors in the Louis Riel School Division. A staff of over 60 were hired and we welcomed 630 students from over 20 different schools in both of our programs (French Immersion and English).

Knowing that positive relationships are key to developing strong and confident learners, our staff knew right away what our focus was – we wanted to get to know our students and incorporate their passions and interests within their learning. We wanted our dual track school to feel united and build community in our brand new building.

What some may not know is that our school’s Parent Advisory Council has been an integral part of this process. These parents volunteer their time to organize amazing opportunities for families to come together and get to know one another. At their meetings, anywhere from 45 to 65 parents show up wanting to share their thoughts, help in sub committees and make our school a great place to be, not only during school hours, but after! I’ve never seen a PAC so dedicated to its school population. From organizing regular hot lunches, school dances, movie nights, paint nights, theatre evenings, mental health workshops, gym nights and more- they work tirelessly to give our students and families opportunity to build friendships and bond. They have played such a part in building our school community. They have strengthened relationships because, like the educators in the building, they are here for the same reason-their kids.

Today however, all of the attention was on the staff for our Staff Appreciation day. I was overwhelmed with the amount of thought, time and attention to detail the PAC and families from our school had in planning this event. An abundance of food (breakfast, lunch and snacks-needless to say we were stuffed by first recess!), flowers and sweets, a banner, kind words, a video, cards and generous gifts. Not one detail was missed. They even covered recess duty!

Thank you! Merci! From all of us to all of you, thank you for making École Sage Creek School an amazing place to be. Thank you for your time, your dedication and your kindness. They do not go unnoticed. We are so lucky to be on the same team! As much as we felt appreciated today, know that we are equally grateful to you. It’s a pretty amazing community to be a part of!

Encore une fois, merci! Thank you PAC and all the families who contributed in some way to make us feel so special!


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