PBL in my Class of First Graders 

This post is a response to Frenchteach, who recently asked me through Twitter how I’ve done PBL in my classroom.

This morning as I was driving, a Twitter friend, Fenchteach, asked me how I have used PBL in my classroom. Although there are no limitations and that the projects ultimately come from the students, here area few examples I’ve done this past year to marry curriculum content and students’ interests to answer our big questions in Grade 1. All of these projects were a hit and witnessing student growth was so rewarding. The best part is not having to go through 25 carbon copy “projects”. Some were individual and others were collaborative which kept student engagement high and empowered them as they went through the motions.  I hope these inspire you, Frenchteach, with your university course this summer and that your students get to live yours out next school year! ​

​See pictures and short descriptions below! If you have any further questions, let me know!
Bon succès!


Example 1: ​Traditions, Seasons and Community


Example 2 : Gardening, Growth and Changes in Living Things, Math, Health



Example 3: Community: 2D and 3D





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