Live A Little

Having the opportunity to spend close to a week in Niagara Falls with my best friend @AnnickRauch has been invigorating for me on many levels. First, we are attending a four day conference together (#CanConnectEd) on technology. Our numerous workshops, keynotes and networking with colleagues has been a great way for us to add a notch to our teacher tool belts. Also, it’s always uplifting to learn from others and incorporate new ideas and tools to our teaching, as learning is one of our passions. Annick’s quote from George Couros in her recent blog post titled You Are Not Alone was on point and hit the mark for me,”Isolation is now a choice educators make.” This conference and its name alone says it all. We should be connecting with people around the globe and sharing our learning with others, in any and all forms. This is true both inside and outside of our buildings. Having said that, our districts couldn’t agree more. There is a reason there are funds allotted to PD. I, for one, fully take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow. What an exhilarating experience to be able to do so in Niagara alongside my best friend.

It’s also exciting to bring new ideas and possibilities to our current schools and furthermore, bring them to the school we’ll both be teaching in this coming September. Having someone to bounce ideas off of is always ideal.

I am also incredibly grateful to my division who has allowed me to grow and bring back tangible and practical ideas and resources to our school. This conference has also allowed me take time for me and spend quality time reconnecting and reflecting with friends. It’s also amazing to step out without children and live a little, which in turn will make me a better mom and a better teacher. It’s a win-win in my books! As a mom, most times my kids end up having my first and last bites of dessert. Here, I can sit back, breathe, eat a warm meal, not clean any dishes and eat my cake too, down to the very last crumb (rather than sweeping up the million crumbs on the floor after a family meal!). It’s so awesome to spend a few days exploring a new city, learning and laughing. We should all embrace opportunities and allow this for ourselves, without guilt or worry of what others may think.

Thank you to all the teachers and speakers who have shared their thinking and purpose with us. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be away from your own families time and time again. I always find it ironic how my me-time takes away from your own. I hope you get to enjoy all of what Niagara has to offer, both in attractions and in beauty.

As Annick mentioned in her latest post, you’re not alone or at least you don’t have to be (if you don’t want to be). We are all connected or at least can be in some way, shape or form. One thing I do know for sure is we can all learn a lot from living a little. 🙂

lets go



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